My Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Romance

Published: 08/09/2018

Print Length: 265 pages




Colton. The only boy to steal my heart and soul. Then he handed it back to me with missing pieces, and I never heard from him again.

That was ten years ago, and now I’m running from a man who took a vow to protect me but instead left scars across my mind and body.

They say you won’t understand love until you’re older. But I knew more love at 17 than I do now at 27. Because love shouldn’t hurt you. It shouldn’t almost destroy you. Love shouldn’t break vows.

Ashley. The only girl I ever gave my heart to. I planned on marrying her. That is, until I screwed up and made a decision at 17 that put us on a cataclysmic path of destruction.

Now, I’m trying to chase away the demons of my past and survive the days atoning for my sins.

Until I see her again. Everything I thought I did right ten years ago, comes back to haunt me in the hazel eyes of the only girl I ever loved.

Standalone Second Chance Romance

This book contains sensitive subject matter and graphic scenes.

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Shattered Fate gets a solid 4 Stars from me. T.L. Anderson did an amazing job on her debut novel! I’m looking forward to more books in the future. I was very excited to find out that T.L. is currently working on Mia’s story, which should be released sometime in October…EEK! After you read Shattered Fate, you will understand why I’m looking forward to Mia’s story.

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I love second chance romance stories…Ashley & Colton have a complicated but beautiful story. Sometimes the past can show up in our lives when we least expect it and shake up our world. Their story will have you on an emotional rollercoaster, but I loved every minute of it! Colton is like my dream man…so protective and caring.

Without going into too many details, T.L. did an excellent job in this book portraying something that happens to women in real life every day. I had so many different emotions while reading Shattered Fate. I felt like I related to Ashley in so many ways, so this book was very special to me. It takes a lot of courage to do what Ashley did and I was rooting for her from the beginning!

I will advise that it does have some domestic violence triggers. I found myself getting emotional at times, but I’m a lot stronger than I was years ago and I was emotionally ok to read it. However, it may be too sensitive for some readers.

Shattered Fate is definitely a book I would recommend to my followers!

As always, thank you for taking your time to read my review & I hope you decide to give Shattered Fate a try!

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