Hi all, Elizabeth Wills here. I am the author of The Affections Series and released my first book in 2015. I write angsty contemporary romance but am currently working on a novella that I hope will make you laugh hysterically. My biggest goal is to challenge myself while enjoying the process of writing and to deliver a story that will touch you and stay with you after the turn of the last page.

My journey started as a reader when I found the indie community after purchasing my first Kindle. Some of the first authors to catch my attention were K.A. Linde, Colleen Hoover, and S.C. Stephens. As time went on and more and more writers began to publish their work on their own, I grew to love and support the indie community. Inspiration struck during those days and I started writing my first book in 2014, releasing Fractured Affections a short year later. I have made friends and gained support from people around the world. It never ceases to amaze me how strong the indie community can be.

When I am not writing, I work a full-time job as an MRI Tech.  I’ve worked in the field since 2005 and love what I do and the people I get to work with. I am also a wife to my high school sweetheart and we have two energetic boys together. When I say energetic that may be an understatement. Needless to say, we live a very busy life, but I find that I am more productive with less downtime.

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 My newest release Fighting My Affections just released. This book took blood, sweat, and tears to produce but it was all worth it.

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All he wants is to forget. All she wants is his forgiveness.

Riley finally seems to have her life together, after years of uncertainty. Her boyfriend, Nate, came into her life when she needed him most, helping guide her into the type of woman she always aspired to be.
Strong. Confident. Unconditionally Loved.
Her past life almost forgotten; she catches a glimpse of the one person who could upset everything. All of the guilt she buried returns, threatening all she has worked toward.

Jon is still piecing things together after hitting the lowest point of his life. He’s had years to feel whole again. Except he’s missing one thing: his career in MMA. His love for fighting forces him to return to his hometown, where his best friend, Mase, runs a gym. The gym they always dreamed of starting together. Only she ruined that for him, shattering all of his dreams. Jon returns with the hope of keeping his distance from the one person he never wants to see again, Riley.

Can they live in the same town and have their past stay just that? Or will Riley’s guilt fester, tilting their world off of its already unsteady axis?

Available Now: http://hyperurl.co/6xv1li


Read the Prologue:

My cheek is chafing from being pressed against the rough weave of the carpet. The slightest push to my head and it may leave rug burn on my face, but I don’t want evidence of tonight. I want to wake up tomorrow and forget the feel of his knee pressed into my spine as he holds me to the floor. I want to wake up with no recollection of the burning in my muscles from him pulling my arms tight behind my back.

The room is quiet except for his breath against my ear, or the occasional whimper from my lips. I hate the sound of them. I hate that they make me sound weak and that he has the ability to hurt me. He was once my savior, my escape from all the bad. Now I realize how wrong I have been.

I thought I was doing better, not letting just any man into my life, but this man made it past all my defenses. I let him into parts of my life where no other man has been. He met my daughter. She fell in love with him.

The warmth of his breath crosses my cheek. I can tell by the bitter smell, he’s been out with his friends drinking expensive bottles of bourbon and puffing on cigars that cost more than my monthly rent. My eyes burn as I fight back the tears begging to be let free. I won’t let them win.

“You won’t make a fool of me, Ri.” His voice is a low, menacing tone.

His knee digs deeper into my back, and he tugs tighter on my hair, before pulling my head back and away from the floor. “You are mine. Don’t you dare forget it.” His eyes are piercing as he focuses in on mine. Searching. Looking. Waiting.

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I try to calm my erratic breathing before speaking a word. I don’t want him to know he has the power to break me. I don’t want him to know I fear him in this moment. I don’t want him to know his assumptions are correct. I want him to believe the next words that leave my dry, cracked lips.

“I would never leave you.” My voice is a whisper, but it remains even. “I need you, and so does Kiley. We love you.”

He tugs on my arm, increasing the pain in my shoulder. It’s strained enough and I’m afraid he might dislocate it. “Why am I hearing these things about you then, Ri? My colleagues saw you with him. They saw the way he looks at you.” His hand leaves my hair, and my face lowers to the floor. My skirt hugs my thighs, but it tears easily as he forcefully pushes it up to my waist.

My breath catches in my throat. “Wha…”

“Has he touched you?” His hand reaches down and cups me between my thighs. “Here. Has he had a taste of what’s mine?”

I struggle to turn and face him, but it’s useless against his strength. I shake my head frantically. “No, I swear. Please.”

He grips me tightly and moves his hand forcefully against me. “I won’t give this up. It belongs to me. You belong to me.” He lowers his head again, painfully nipping my neck. His knee moves off of my back until he’s straddling me. His weight lifts and he rolls me until I’m on my back. “Do you understand?”

My heart is pounding, and my breath passes my lips in rapid succession. I look into his blue eyes; ones I used to find myself getting lost in. Now they are full of pain and anger. His jaw is covered in a five-o’clock shadow, but the way it’s clenched is what really catches my attention. I’ve never seen him like this. His nostrils are flared, and his face is red. Pressure is building inside of him, and I know if I don’t answer soon, he’s going to snap. I can feel it. I just can’t find my words amongst my fear.

“Do you understand?” he says, through gritted teeth.

I need to agree, but I don’t want to. I’ve finally decided to fix things with him, but now I understand why a life with him was hard to accept. He’s just another Dave. He’s just another man out to control me.

I thought he was the perfect catch. I search his eyes again, trying to find that spark. The one you feel when you share a deep connection with someone, but it’s not there. I shake my head slowly back and forth, as my lips part to speak, but I can’t form the words. Tears prick my eyes, and I can’t keep them at bay this time, and they roll out of the corner of my eyes.

He grunts in anger at my silence, and before I know what’s happening, there’s pressure against my throat. It’s difficult to breathe. I take in the monster before me. Panic builds in my chest as he rips and pulls at my clothes, tearing them from my body. I dig at his hands and arms trying to break free, but it’s no use. My legs kick and flail. This is not the man I know. He would never risk everything in a fit of anger.

“Please stop.” My words strain with lack of air. There’s a pressure building in my head as I struggle under him. I need more air.

“Mommy!” Kiley hollers from the steps.

In an instant, I’m gasping for air. The harsh ragged sounds of my deep inhale of breath fill the room. It seems like an hour goes by before my breathing evens out to a normal rhythm. I roll over onto my hands and knees, silently thanking my daughter for never listening when I send her to bed.



Thank you, Jess, for having me and for hosting this author guest post.

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All those teasers are HOT! This is definitely a book that I will be reading soon!

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