Writing was not something I ever thought I’d want to do professionally. After becoming a mother, I stayed home to care for our son. In between diaper changes and naptimes, I found myself embarking on a journey of discovering myself through written word. Stories that somehow needed to be told and expressed, characters who gave me glimpses into new worlds. It was there that I began my journey in fanfiction writing with a group of friends. Something sparked and a passion was lit. With many other independent authors as mentors, I grew and learned all I could to master my skills. What once was a hobby, led to a passion and then became a dream. Encouraged by my family and friends, I set out to pursue my writing, finally taking part in National Novel Writing Month, which brought forth my first novel – Circle of Secrets.

Circle of Secrets is being Re-released June 8th, 2018. It was previously published by a vanity press, Secret Cravings, who has since gone out of business. The story is the same but the cover has changed. I am self-publishing this and future works. 

Circle of Secrets was written in honor of my mom, who passed in 2007. I wrote it and poured every emotion I could into it so that you could feel what the characters felt or even relate to them on a real level. Like it would have been written about someone from your hometown.

It’s my first, but definitely not last. I have 2 more coming this year for sure. Possibly a children’s book in development. I just hope readers will give me a chance and know that it may start slow but to just keep reading.

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It will also be in kindle unlimited.

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Meet Helen-an older woman, who enjoys her part-time work at the local hospital where her husband is a doctor. Ghosts of her past haunt her and when a secret is revealed, she must push past the pain to forgive and piece together a puzzle in order to find what she’s looking for.

Meet Marissa-a woman in her thirties, single parent to Sophia. She loves to teach but is haunted by the clock slowly ticking away due to her failing health. When a secret is revealed, she must figure out what it means before her time runs out.

Helen and Marissa are total strangers but one thing connects them—family secrets. Their mysterious pasts intertwine and they don’t know it until a family secret reveals that everything they’d once known was a lie. Now, they must fight their own battles to figure out the truth, before it’s too late for one of them.


Thank you, Lauren, for participating in the author guest post section of my blog!

I am looking forward to reading Circle of Secrets! The cover is beautiful, by the way!

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