Hello! I am Kristen Kehoe, Young and New Adult Romance writer. Thank you to Jess for having me!

About me:

I have been publishing novels since 2010, when I started with Finding You

I have learned A LOT since then, but I still love this story. Currently, if you sign up for my mailing list, Finding You is sent to you for free <3 Sign up here

I send emails once a month (*cough* tries to remember to send a monthly mail), and in them I link you to books I’ve read and liked, new releases, beg for your help with titles because I am TERRIBLE with titles, and offer giveaways and funny stories (because, who doesn’t like a funny parent/adulthood/whatamIdoingwithmylife story?).

I also blog, writing about my husband, daughter, dog, the world…whatever strikes my fancy. I love writing, all kinds, and I love putting positive thoughts and relatable stories to my readers. Connections is always my main goal. I want people to know I write for them, and because of them. <3

My writing:

I walk the line between Mature YA and sweet romance with a sexy element, so I have decided to coin my own REAL LIFE ROMANCE. I’m not sure I’m allowed to do that, but I have…so there 😉 I have been a high school English teacher for 12 years, covering 4 schools in 3 different states, and the one common thread I have observed is that high school is one thing we can ALL understand. We might have lived it differently, but we can at least understand the spirit of the small environment. That’s what I want to write about.

My New Adult books are steamier, but relationship based as well. I have this theory that love weaves through everything we do, good and bad, so why not see both parts of it? I am a West Coast girl, PNW born and raised, so I do a lot of different settings between Washington and Arizona (I also lived in the SW for a while). I adore sports, so most of my books are a sports-theme as well. (admittedly, I was pretty average as an athlete, so I think a part of my sports obsession is living that life I didn’t quite get to 😉).

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What else…I love sassy girls who have soft hearts and make bad choices (high school anyone?), and I love strong men who are able to walk beside them because they understand she has her own two feet. I like the f-word, though I try to use it less now that I have a daughter who will one day read these, and I love coffee and dogs.

Because I want to get to know you, for realsies, I have added a giveaway today. Just sign up for my mailing list, and follow me on social media wherever you are (I do FB, Twitter, and Instagram), and I will choose a random winner.

I am also giving away my girl Santana’s novella, Thirty Days in Technicolor, because she is a breakout writer and I want more people to know her! I’ll have two winners chosen next week!

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Until we chat again, happy reading, lovelies.



Thank you Kristen for doing a guest post on my blog! I am looking forward to reading your books soon!

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