My Rating: 4 stars

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Published: 2/9/18

Print Length: 301 pages


Theirs was a secret they’d kill to protect.
Three cracks of thunder. Three reasons to run and hide.
When the lightning illuminated the night, I saw their bloodied faces. They were no longer the boys from next door. As quick as the storm rolled over the neighborhood, a crime of passion was committed, Lucas and Mason Carter dangerously altering the course of all our lives.
Ten years later, on my twenty-sixth birthday, when detectives come digging for information on a cold case, I find myself once again unwillingly tangled in the spider’s web.
I hold information on a heinous crime. I have become the number one target. More specific, I have become Mason Carter’s obsession.
While one brother seeks to destroy me, I have to believe the love I share for the other could somehow save us all.
When running proves futile, I’m left with a choice. Reveal the deadly truth, or dare to take on the monsters lurking in the dark.





This is the first book I’ve read by Melissa Jane. I’m proud to say that I am now a fan of hers!  I can’t wait until I can read some of her other stories. The first thing that got my attention and drew me to the book was the cover…OMG the cover just gives me chills looking at it! I just knew it would be a good suspense, and I was right!

The prologue sets the tone for the entire book. There wasn’t a time in the book where I wasn’t wondering what was going to happen next!  I was on edge and I felt like I was right there with Gemma, experiencing the same emotions and fears she was! I found myself cringing and sayingno, no, no!” so many times! I even jumped during a few scenes…you will probably know which ones when you read Monsters. 


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There are some parts of the book that are hard to read & may cause triggers for some, which is why I recommend readers to be 18+. 

The ending of the book is intense! Hold on tight because sh!t gets real! Just giving you a heads up! I was literally clenching my fists and a nervous wreck by the time the book ended! 

This is a book that will definitely go on my recommended suspense list! 

If you want to find out more info about Melissa & her books, check her out on social media!








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