I originally started my blog as a hobby, but I recently became interested in being an affiliate for some of the book companies I love. I decided this week to make the investment into my blog and self-host. WordPress.com is amazing for new & hobby bloggers, but I felt restricted with what I was and wasn’t allowed to customize on my blog. I was ready to move on & begin a new journey. Here’s my experience of self-hosting my WordPress blog.

My search to find the best self-hosting company for me began. I looked at several articles and checked out several websites. I ended up signing up with a highly recommended company that would allow you to pay on a monthly basis instead of a year up front. I’m not going to call this company out on my blog, so I will just refer to them as company X.

When I signed up for company X, I was told I would get help migrating my website from wordpress.com. Lets just say their “help” was sending me tutorials. I’m honestly not the most tech savvy person, so I was ready to give up after several hours of getting nowhere.

I decided to look into some other companies and I asked for suggestions in a Facebook group I’m a member of. Someone recommended Siteground and said they had great customer service and highly recommended them, so I decided to look into it.

I started to online chat with Katie, a Siteground employee, and I asked questions and expressed my main concerns to her. She answered each question I had and assured me that they would migrate my blog for me. I went ahead and purchased the Grow Big plan and kept my fingers crossed.

Katie let me know at the end of the chat that someone from tech support would be in contact with me soon.  Within about 30 minutes, the tech had sent me a message on my Siteground account and I replied back to him with my wordpress.com username and password. He transferred my files and migrated my blog. It did take about 24 hours before the migration was complete, but they did all the work.
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The only downside to migrating my blog is that wordpress.com didn’t let me transfer my theme. I had to start over and customize a new theme, but that wasn’t any fault of Siteground. They did a great job by getting all my posts and media transferred over for me. I am actually more pleased with the design of my new site anyways, so it worked out! I used the whitish lite theme provided FREE by wordpress.org so right now I’m using it instead of putting more into buying a theme that I can’t really afford right now. There are TONS of free themes with wordpress.org!

I was so impressed with Sitegrounds customer service that I signed up to be an affiliate. I am not the type of person to recommend something unless it really impresses me and Siteground went above and beyond my expectations! I will always recommend them to anyone who asks for any self-hosting suggestions!

Thank you for taking time to read my post!

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8 Replies to “Self-Hosting My WordPress Blog”

    1. You will need to purchase your own domain before you can self-host….but domains are like $14 a year, so it’s not a huge cost. I bought my domain when I first started blogging because I didn’t want someone to come along and take it before I could.
      I also want to add that there are still tons of free templates to use with .org Besides my logo, I did my entire site with the whitish lite theme. You will love having your own domain too! I didn’t want anyone to ever be able to buy sheisfondofbooks.com because then it may be harder for people to find my site. Hope this helps!

    1. I loved my theme before I had to switch, but I guess I’m glad I did it now instead of waiting until later. There are so many great themes on wordpress.org that are also free. I really don’t understand why WordPress won’t let the themes transfer. You would think with it still being WordPress it would be ok. Doesn’t make much sense.

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