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My TBR List for January 2018!

My January calendar is pretty much full of ARC’s that I am so excited to read and review!

Thank you to Give Me Books Promotions & NetGalley for providing me these amazing books in exchange for an honest review!

I just recently started my book blog in November and it’s growing every day. I have so many goals for 2018! Thank you to each of my followers for helping me make my dream of being a book blogger come true!

Here is my January 2018 TBR list!

51RTpkBFbrL 51uqFVR6BlL 51hr2xktfbL 41LuHCdckoL 51feKjDxR3L 51c1+qS1WDL

514XLpLN2aL 51JtFJZVsaL

51fT0snf4mL 517KC5thBaL


What does your TBR list for January look like?



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