How I started Writing – by TARRAH ANDERS

I think as a creative type, I can say that I’ve been writing my whole life. Which in one aspect, it’s true. However, there was a time where I was not writing. I won’t bore you with those details, but I would say that my author life re-sparked my life in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

I grew up with a typewriter and big dreams. The typewriter graduated to a word processor where I would think that I was really cool and would write poetry and short stories. In middle school, I wanted to get into creative writing – so I wrote and I wrote a lot. I stuffed short stories in all of my family members hands like I was the real deal, some of them still have those little stories tucked away.

Then I stopped writing. I became a teenager and got influenced by life. In college, I picked up a creative writing course, hoping that I would spark up the need again to write. But my professor was not a positive person and didn’t offer up helpful critique. So I took his advice that he offered half of the class and dropped his class. I put down my quill and got influenced by life again. I should have stuck it out, but I was naïve and didn’t want to deal with negativity.

In my late twenties, I began reading avidly and I read a few books that were so badly written that I told myself that I could put something out there into the world that was better than what I was reading – which brings me to today.

I’m Tarrah Anders, and I write dirty romance stories that I’m hoping my husband never reads! I’ve self-published 10 books and contributed to an anthology earlier this year. Currently, I’ve got about five different projects going, but I’m actively working on a summer romance. I’m not sure if it will release in time for the summer to still be going – or if I will release at a later time.

However, I’m going to talk about the book that I just released. It’s a Beauty & the Beast adaptation set in modern times and modern situations, with plenty of steaminess titled THE BRUTE.
I originally began this project to be a part of another anthology, however once I hit the word allotment, I wasn’t satisfied. I still had more of the story to tell, there was so much more detail that I felt was needed to make THE BRUTE a full story that I would be pleased with that I had to bow out of the anthology with dread. I changed the story to not be in line with the anthology and added a whole lot more to the story to complete it in the way that I wanted it to be.


I’ve heard good things from my readers so far and I couldn’t be more pleased that I made that decision. While I could have carved out the majority of the story and ended it much sooner, I wouldn’t have been fully happy.

So, I hope that you decide to pick up THE BRUTE or any of my other books to give a look at.

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Thank you, Tarrah, for participating in the author guest post section of my blog! I’m looking forward to checking out your books soon!

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