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Hey y’all! Thanks so much, lovely readers, for letting me nudge into your space for a bit. And thank you, Jess, for inviting me to connect with them.

I’m Haven Cage. As you might be able to guess by my greeting, I live in South Carolina, straddling the border to North Carolina. I’m disgustingly-happily (is that even a valid term?) married to the boy I met on the internet back when computers made screeching noises and dialed in. We have one awesome son in the “interesting” pre-teen stage. When I’m not writing and spending time with my family, I work night-shift in the medical field.

I started writing about nine years ago, with no background in the business. It was just a hobby I took on to pass time while said son was in pre-school. It soon became a passion I couldn’t deny myself and a deep part of who I am.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those wordsmiths that dreamed of being an author my whole life and strived for that from a babe. My family was naturally gifted in the visual art, so I’d always steered toward that growing up. This shames me to admit now, but I didn’t even read a book in its entirety, for fun, until I was twenty-three. I like to think, now that I’m an avid reader, I just hadn’t found my favorite niches yet.

For my birthday one year, a coworker gave me a copy of Twilight, and my early musings as a cover-whore (I hope I can say that here 😊) led me to give the book a try. I devoured it, as well as the rest of the series. This led to my small obsession with Stephanie Meyer, which led to me finding out she wrote her stories based on a dream. I have a history of disturbed reveries too and decided, why not, I could put one of those crazy workings of my head to good use.

Tapping into a very Joan-of-Arc-like dream I had, along with my fascination of good and evil, I spawned my first story, Falter. It took me seven years to write it, self-edit it about a bazillion times, finally break down and find a fitting editor who helped me develop my writing skills, learn how to make my own covers, and then hit publish as an indie author.

It has been a wonderfully difficult, yet satisfying, journey. I have found myself in this world, and I’m often scared to think what I might have missed had I never taken a chance and brought this part of myself to realization.

Today, I drown myself in audiobooks (don’t judge, it’s the only way I can “read” with little time on my hands…and they are wonderful, once you attune your mind and ears to them!). My tastes range from Erotica, Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, Romance (all genres), and a bit of Mystery. I’m working hard to step outside of my comfort zone every once in a while though. My favorite authors include: Karen Marie Moning, Dannika Dark, Renea Mason, Leigh Bardugo, and so many more!

As for my own writing, I started in the Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Suspense realm with my Faltering Souls Series, which I just published the last book to May 30th, 2018.

Currently, I’m working on my second series, which I think will appeal to this group’s tastes the most. My Perilously Pretty stories are all standalones with the common theme of love and murderous suspense. Book one is titled Craving Love & Death. It’s set in the 1950s in Charleston, S.C. Vivienne is my dangerous pin-up villain who falls for Dean, a sexy sailor with his own secrets. Their story is full of dark deceit, wild hunger, and Russian mafia crime. In book two, Coveting Love & Revenge, I’m delving into the American Victorian era. Synthia is the jaded Governess of a once loving, but now ruthless, up-and-coming business man who forces her to do his dirty work. She tires of Edison’s controlling ways and falls for a man who is quickly becoming the thorn in Edison’s side. I hope to release this dark beauty in Fall of 2018.

And, of course, as an addicted audiobook listener, my books are being turned into audios at this very moment! So, keep an ear out for them in the next few months.

Thanks again for letting me in your circle! Find me on social media and friend me. Be sure to become a Haven Groupie too. I send out monthly updates, where I share upcoming news, exclusive sales and details, feature other authors, and every email has a “Haven Puzzler” in it. My puzzlers are fun book-related games that you can play to win book prizes and swag from myself and other awesome authors! Plus, you get to see pictures of my bunnies…yes, I have two wonderfully hoppy fur-babies too.

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Faltering Souls Series

falter cover front.jpg


Nevaeh Richards never believed in Heaven and Hell.

Hell doesn’t care.

Living on the streets with her father is tough, but Nev soon finds a life immersed in angels and demons is tougher than she could ever imagine.

When her father suddenly becomes ill, Nevaeh’s eyes are opened to a world she never knew existed. A war is bleeding into the human realm, and Nev is developing strange new powers that has both sides eager to claim her soul’s devotion.

The Devil wants what he wants, though. He commands a demon to take her father’s soul hostage.

The cost to save him?

Surrendering to darkness and becoming something far more evil than the Hell chasing her.

An emotional, character-driven story with gritty and suspenseful writing.

 “I was not prepared for such a page turning story…” – A.S. McGowan

“Paranormal romance perfection.” – Keri Q.

“A paranormal roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless.” – L. Ross

Series order:

Falter (Published May 2016)

Severance (Published March 2017)

Contrition (Publishing May 31, 2018)

Available on Amazon. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited

severance front.jpg


What doesn’t make you evil, makes you stronger.

Nevaeh faces the overpowering gravity of her choice to save those she loves while striving for strength to fight her greatest threat–herself.

 While she struggles to keep herself–and the unpredictable beast inside her–in check, she has to play the part of a Dark Celata and fulfill every wicked task they command of her, using her supernatural abilities. It’s the only chance she has to get George and Gavyn back. However, with each mission she goes on, the line between the woman she used to be and the monster she’s becoming grows thinner.

Archard watches the world suffer for his mistakes. In an attempt to right his wrongs–and heal the hole in his heart–he chases Nev, but every lead ends with more questions about who she is, where she comes from, and how to save her–if he can save her at all.

Will Nevaeh survive the soul-severing decision she’s made?

Will those who love Nevaeh survive her?

“A superb book, that will have your heart beating rapidly…” – Ria, Reading Is Our Satisfaction
“You will be engrossed, enthralled, and intrigued…” – D. Parrott
“…a worthy successor to one of the finest urban fantasies we read last year.” – Avid Reader, Fantasia Reviews

Available on Amazon. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited

Contrition ad 1.jpg


In the end, everyone must pay for their sins.

Trial after trial, Nevaeh’s loved-ones have struggled to save her from a dark destiny. The time has finally come for her to return home and join the Earth-bound angels in a war threatening to destroy the Human race.

Is it really Nev who’s walking the Earthly plane, though?

True, being surrounded by evil for weeks on end would change anyone, but Nev’s friends suspect something is wrong with the Nevaeh they’ve extracted from Hell’s grip.

Archard, Arkin, Maggie, and Malach prepare to fight the impending apocalypse brought on by the rebellious Dominions, while trying to accept the new Nevaeh and help her gain control over her powers.

Will Nevaeh be able to save the world, or will she make everyone pay with their lives?

“Holly hell what a book! This is an amazing story.” – Kimmie Sue’s Book Review

“Contrition is action-packed, captivating, & unique. It is truly a must read.” – J. Tedlock (Janise’s Jivin’ Book Blog)

“One of the best Haven Cage novels that I have read so far.” – All Things Book – Review

Available on Amazon. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited

Perilously Pretty Series

Craving teaser 6.jpg

Craving Love & Death

She’s a voluptuous pin-up with a killer personality.

Vivienne may play the role of a quiet, docile nightclub singer and waitress for her friends and family, but, behind closed doors, she gives into an insatiable hunger no man can escape.

She just wants to ignore her disturbing temptations. However, when Vivie’s best friend convinces her to join an impromptu double-date with two handsome sailors, her plan gets blown to bits.

Sexy, dark, and sly, Naval Lieutenant Dean Vitson may be the only man who can give Vivie a reason to nix her “bad habits”–but he’s running from his own dirty past. And his secrets could turn her world upside down.

Can Vivienne change her murderous ways to be with Dean?

Will she want to after she finds out what he’s hiding?

craving teaser 2.jpg

If you enjoy stories with wild emotion, tantalizing suspense, and twisted mystery, download this book now. Don’t miss Vivie’s journey of mobster crime, murder, and a darkly tempting love.
“Brilliant”- Stracey Charran Ishwar
“Dark and stunning” – Ria from Reading Is Our Satisfaction
“Hard to put down” – Cheryl J.







Available on Amazon. Free with Kindle Unlimited

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