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Hi, I’m Julia! I write steamy romantic comedies.

I’ve always been a nosy as hell people watcher. I want to know people’s stories. Are those two 80-year-olds the loves of each other’s lives, or are they both widowed and biding their time together? Did those 20-year-olds meet tonight, or are they high school sweethearts? The 6’5” guy with the 5’2” girl…how?

Obviously, I can’t ask perfect strangers to tell me their stories, so I started making up my own! So far, I’ve released two books and two novellas, with plans of releasing two more books this year, plus a Hanukkah novella to add a cherry to 2018’s sundae.

About my books:









Cut Short started as a little nugget of an idea. I always think about the impact we have on each other. How one word or sentence we say to someone else might echo through theirs minds forever, while we completely forget it ever happened. Or we could brush up against someone on a crowded street, causing them to look in a different direction, and maybe they find the love of their life.

A long time ago, in high school, a guy I liked sent me an email, summarily rejecting me. And since then, I wondered how that one email changed the trajectory of my life. Luckily, I’m in a happy marriage with gorgeous children, but I wonder, where would I be if that email had never happened?

So, Cut Short starts with an email. But that’s only the beginning. It’s a story of second chances and answering the question “What if?”.

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I like to keep things light and funny though, so I surrounded my main character with a great group of girlfriends, each of whom will have their own book.

Cut Loose is my latest release. The heroine, Frannie, is a reader favorite from Cut Short. She says whatever she wants, when she wants to and doesn’t take any shit. One reader told me Frannie is who she is in her head. And I agree. Rachel from Cut Short is most like me, but Frannie from Cut Loose is who I’d love to be.

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