I started writing at the end of 2001, during our school holidays. I was in the middle of high school, I was at an age where I would prefer to be by my self but doing that in school made you an outcast. So I switched my time with friends and the school library. My sisters and I would read and act our my story over the next few years, I think I was pretty excited about actually writing a story that my sisters and I liked. After all it was the reason why I wrote it, I couldn’t find anything that I liked to read and everything that I did like I had already read it once or twice. That first story that I wrote was titled ‘This army and me!’ in response to you and what army. After that it fuelled my passion to write, writing several chapters in a night. It flowed out of me like an oil spill, I was engulfed in the thrill of it. Now my plans are to continue writing all of the projects that I have started, I have planned all of the sequels and prequel to ‘This army and me!’, plus several other projects.

‘Mitchell: A Young Warrior’ started off as a blog thing I did on the internet where I added more to it each time, but I didn’t want someone stealing my creative idea and passing it off as their own. so I deleted it and continued on with it on my laptop. It was meant to be a single story but when I got to the middle of the story and the characters and their background spilled out to more than one book. The ideas came charging out before I had a chance to contain them, so now it is a trilogy. I will not give too much detail about what the next two books are called as that will be a spoiler for the first book, if readers have not read it yet.
My next two projects nearly half way finished are the prequel to ‘This army and me!’ and one that my sister has been bugging me to finish, as she really enjoys it.


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