In light of some recent issues in the book community, which I will get into in a different post, I decided to add an author guest post section to my blog. It is so important for us to support all of our authors, especially the indies! With this new part of my blog, authors will have a FREE platform to promote their  OLDER & NEWER books.

I would like to do 1 guest post a week, assuming I have enough response from the authors. I currently have 2 who are choosing their dates. As soon as they do, I will announce who they are and the dates they will be featured on my blog. 

If you are an author and are interested in signing up for a guest post, please email me at  Once I book a date for you,  you can email me what you would like to include in the post.  You can attach promo pictures and etc for me to also put in the post.  I will send you some questions if you would like to have a mini interview included!

I’m looking forward to seeing this section of my blog grow! 




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