Who is Faleena Hopkins?

I honestly didn’t know who Faleena Hopkins was before Friday afternoon. Apparently, she is the author of Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series. From what I have read, the first book came out on 6/16/16 and there are 18 books in the series. But other than that, I know nothing about her…and a lot of other people didn’t know her before this either. 


If this was a publicity stunt, she succeeded in getting her name out there,  but not in a good way. A lot of readers are upset and are not purchasing her books and are also immediately returning them on Kindle-Unlimited.

 How She Started a #Cockfight in the Book Community

I was searching through Facebook on Friday and people were talking about an author trademarking the word “cocky” in a title. I was like, WTF??? I looked into this more and I could not believe what I was reading. Never in my life would I have imagined an author trying to trademark such a common word in the romance genre. Sure…I could TOTALLY understand her wanting to trademark her series name, Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series …but come on! Cocky? 

I decided to take this to twitter and my other social media. We have to stand up for our authors, especially our indies. I’m not sure she realized how strong and supportive this community truly is. If you do something to our authors, we won’t sit silently. The support was amazing! And #byefaleena was born. Seriously, search that #…it’s entertaining! 

She basically started a #CockFight in the book community…I don’t think that # has been used yet. Might be a fun one to add to the list. There are several other #’s you can use to find conversations about her cocky move… #stopthecockblock #cockygate #cocky #whosfaleena and I’m sure there’s more!


You can check me out on Twitter if you would like to read my original tweet. There are several different threads. 

You’re gonna want to grab some popcorn before you start reading the comments!


Here is a copy of the letter our dear Faleena has been sending out to authors who have the word cocky in their book title. 

(Sorry the quality isn’t the best. This is as big as I could enlarge it!)

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The book community is a supportive community, unless you try to do something like she did. She seems to think it’s no big deal for authors to re-title & re-publish their eBooks, paperbacks…etc. This isn’t JUST about the titles. Most authors have merchandise and swag they have made for their fans with the names of their books on there. They will have to completely re-do all of that if Faleena wins this war. As you can see below, we have rallied together to help support those authors who are impacted by her. 

Even some big names are getting involved in this…

I am hoping the RWA and other big names getting involved in this will help the other authors. They really need our support right now! There is also a petition out there if you would like to show some support. 

This is the reaction Faleena has for this situation. Instead of trying to mend the damage in the community, she posted this instead. Faleena, I’m glad you like being known as #byefaleena because that’s probably all you will ever be known for unless you decide to do the right thing.




As women, we should all stick together, not try to tear each other down. She just happened to mess with the wrong tribe of women and men. Our tribe is strong and no matter the outcome, we will continue to support our authors, because that’s what we do in the book community.

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  1. I heard a little about this, but wow…this is ridiculous. And how can she ACTUALLY trademark that word for her books? That makes no sense. It’s a common word. She shouldn’t have any legal right there.


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