What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service through Amazon.com. The monthly price is currently $9.99 and automatically renews each month. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial and also allow you the option to cancel anytime. 

The Kindle Unlimited subscription gives you access to an unlimited number of select books each month to choose from. According to Amazon, there are currently over one million titles and thousands of audiobooks!

The Benefits of Kindle Unlimited:

The primary benefits of Kindle Unlimited for me, are the free books and the opportunity to discover new authors. Having such a huge selection of books to choose from gives me the chance to try out new authors. If I don’t like the book, I simply return the book and I’m not out any additional money. I have discovered some amazing authors through this subscription!

Are you required to own a Kindle Fire tablet to access Kindle Unlimited Books?

Nope. You can download the Kindle app on your smartphone for free and read straight from your phone.  Another option is the Kindle Cloud Reader that is available on your computer. 

Is Kindle Unlimited Worth The Price?

In my opinion, YES! I read several books per month and it saves me a lot. This isn’t going to be the case with each person, but if you read at least 3 or 4 books a month, it can be worth it. 

For Example:

The 10 books I have borrowed will last me approx 2 months. I searched the prices of each book and calculated what the full price would be if I purchased each book individually. I would spend $38.91 for those 10 books compared to $19.98 with the Kindle Unlimited subscription for 2 months!

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If you are interested in learning more about Kindle Unlimited, you can click HERE to be directed to Amazon.com

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