Anxiety is such an ugly 7 letter word. It’s also, unfortunately, something I have had to deal with since I was a child. Luckily, I was able to find solace in reading. In this post, I’ll explain how reading helps my anxiety. 

Reading is a coping mechanism I have used for as long as I can remember. As a child, I always carried a book with me and when I got too anxious, I would stick my nose in a book and read. I could literally read for hours or until the anxiety passed.

This is still something I do, even as an adult. I’m not able to read as much as I did when I was a child because of this crazy thing called “adulting”, but I still use reading to help cope with my anxiety.

As I got older, medication was brought into the mix. I tried for years to go without it, but as time went on, my anxiety got worse. Even with medication, there’s no guarantee an attack won’t happen. Anxiety can sneak up on you at any time…even when you think things are going fine.

Reading takes my mind off what is currently making me anxious. I have had a vibrant imagination since I was a child, so when I read, I really feel like I am right there in the book. My mind completely shuts off to the world around me and the only thing that exists at that moment is the book I am reading.

I know that realistically, I can’t stick my nose in a book and make my troubles disappear, but reading gives my mind a chance to take a break and recharge. I always find that I can focus more on what’s troubling me after my anxiety passes.

Does reading help your anxiety?


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8 Replies to “How Reading Helps My Anxiety”

  1. Anxiety had a negative effect on me, as it worsed up later in life (after my 19years old), and so I got trouble with keeping my concentration and really evade myself inside and see images with my imagination running. Videogames was mostly the thing I dived into most times, to be completely honest ..
    However; now that my antidepressant & contraception pills is the doing the proper job as they should, I’m getting lot better now ! 🙂 In the one I am currently reading, I get to see images and I got to read at the dr office the other day, something I havent done in years !

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