Anxiety has played a huge role in my life. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had a very stressful childhood and the only way I could seem to escape it was by getting lost in a book. When I read, I zone out of the real world and all I think about are the characters in the book and their lives.

Having my nose stuck in a book is a comfort to me.  If I’m really anxious, I can read for hours and hours if time allows. Sometimes I have to do adult things and just suck it up, but as soon as I can, I pull out that book.

I don’t just use books to mask my anxiety. I’ve tried counseling, medicine and more. Books seem to help the most at calming me down. Have you experienced anything like this with reading?

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8 Replies to “How Reading Has Helped My Anxiety.”

  1. Anxiety had a negative effect on me, as it worsed up later in life (after my 19years old), and so I got trouble with keeping my concentration and really evade myself inside and see images with my imagination running. Videogames was mostly the thing I dived into most times, to be completely honest ..
    However; now that my antidepressant & contraception pills is the doing the proper job as they should, I’m getting lot better now ! 🙂 In the one I am currently reading, I get to see images and I got to read at the dr office the other day, something I havent done in years !

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